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Our home is still our fortress
Our home is still our fortress

Today, the media are actively discussing another scandal related to the behavior of adolescents. This time, Vladivostok schoolchildren thought of dressing up in BDSM costumes for the Last Call, which quickly came as a shock not only for the director (who had already decided to quit), but for the whole of Russia, since the news immediately hit the first lines of news agencies.

It is clear that the fault of the children in this incident is only partial - the teenagers decided to fool around, not really thinking about the consequences. Partly to blame is the teaching staff, which will inevitably be assigned to the extreme - although the possibilities of teachers in raising children after decades of destructive reforms are very limited. The one who “provides services” - and this is the image preached today by the Ministry of Education - cannot be a spiritual authority for a growing child.

And albeit not always ideal, but still close and willing teachers, completely different authorities come - most often these are virtual images from popular films or idols of show business: rich, daring, shameless. And along with new authorities come new models of behavior, one of which is being discussed by the whole country today. Although is it any wonder? Was it not in our cinemas for several years in a row that "50 Shades of Gray" was shown (with the approval of the Ministry of Culture, by the way)? Someone will say that there is a restriction of 18+, but after all, advertising posters on the streets of cities hung completely free, inviting all passers-by, including children, with seductive and languid glances.

Does anyone really think that a modern teenager will not be able to find a movie of interest to him on the Internet? Or does someone think that this film does not promote the perversions that are commonly called today with the beautiful word "BDSM"? Although this is just a small, but indicative point. But there are dozens, if not hundreds of rappers singing about glamor and "bitches" (hello Timati) and calling their listeners "biomass" (hello, Aljay), who are invited to all kinds of festivals and played on music channels.

There is also Dmitry Kiselyov - the main mouthpiece of our supposedly patriotic TV, who in his evening news program defended performers like Husky and Face. Yes, it is impossible to find even a song without swearing and drugs among these degradants, and they are portrayed as patriots on the country's main television channel. And Vanya Urgant invited them to his show to make a nice joke with the “idols of youth” and promote them. We even have Sergei Shnurov on the Council for Culture … Or maybe Sasha Spielberg, who was invited to speak at the Duma and was given an interview with Medinsky himself, or her best friend Ivangai, the main children's blogger on YouTube with endless scenes on the topic "I eat sweets with the taste of some nasty" or with songs like "well, what / do it your own way." So the guys from the Vladivostok school did it "in their own way", substituting both their teachers and their parents. They repeated what is constantly pouring on them from the screens.

You, who are accustomed to reading long texts, may not be familiar with these names, but all today's teenagers, immersed in popular media content, know them very well. These are examples of success for the youth of modern Russia. They tour the cities, they are always welcomed by the main media figures and even high-ranking officials, they are rich and shameless. And the only way to protect children from such a pernicious influence of mass culture and its disguised henchmen, proudly called "stars", is, on the one hand, to form critical thinking skills (and for this it is necessary to take and discuss all these topics with children, explain the harmfulness of such products, mechanisms of its popularization, technology of influence, and so on), and on the other hand, to fill the space around children with light and creative images, against which the emptiness and inferiority of the characters named in this article will be obvious even to a teenager.

In terms of explaining the destructive influence of popular media content, there is the Teach to Good project, on the website and YouTube channel of which there are short materials available to a wide audience about the influence of the media, TV, popular films, cartoons, singers, and so on. Study these materials yourself, and then bring all these questions to the children, believe me - it will be interesting for them to talk on such topics. They themselves do not understand why all sorts of freaks are on the "star Olympus" today, and they really need reasonable answers to such questions.

And for the formation of a favorable information environment today there are also huge opportunities - starting from various circles and sections (music, art, chess, karate, hiking) and uploading fascinating and instructive books or various motivational posters that you can simply hang around the house, surrounding the child with instructive images. For our part, including for these purposes, they made the calendar "Light of the Russian Soul", touching upon the deep meanings and issues necessary for the formation of a stable moral core of a growing child. You can find other examples of such educational products on the Internet.


Thus, although today children are exposed to outright brainwashing through the mainstream media and popular culture, in their families, at home (and even in their own city), it is the parents and other adults around them that still have the priority influence on children. And no one has yet taken away this influence from you - therefore, they should be used, and not sit idly by, horrified by the next incident that surfaced in the media. There will be many more such cases, because in an information war, as in an ordinary hot one, there are also casualties, but it is in our power to reduce their number and gradually change the situation. And having raised our children, you look - we will cope with this creeping plague, which has settled on the top of the "entertainment pyramid." There would be desire and will … Source: Group VK "Source of inspiration"

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