Yekaterinburg: the beginning of the end of the era of Christianity in Russia
Yekaterinburg: the beginning of the end of the era of Christianity in Russia

In Yekaterinburg, the Russian Orthodox Church decided to build a church in the city square in the very center of the city. On May 12, the townspeople, who came to the park for a walk, saw a fence covering the entrance. A piece of greenery in an industrial city is very valuable. The people were outraged. On the evening of May 12, more than 3 thousand citizens gathered near the fence. The arrived mayor was greeted with a chant "Resign!"

The authorities refused to hold a referendum on whether or not to be a church on the site of the park. They referred to some kind of poll unknown to anyone, where supposedly 40% of the townspeople supported the construction of the temple. But the poll is an illegitimate form and, in general, the citizens of the Russian Federation have long understood how such polls are conducted.

A spokesman for the administration brazenly stated that the temple would still be built. People were indignant and began to knock down the fence. The unrest continued. And on May 17, late in the evening, the closed square was full of people - mostly young people. They sang with a guitar, danced in a round dance under the motto "embrace the square", obscuring, protecting the trees.

In terms of scope, the protest is unprecedented in the dead Putin's RF. People were inspired, they felt their strength, their unity.

To organize the crowd of the defenders of the temple, the workers of the RMK were taken by buses under the threat of dismissal, passers-by were paid 300 rubles for participation, the students were promised to be given an automatic test.

The authorities threw OMON on the defenders of the square, arrested more than 40 people. The defenders of the temple, of course, were not touched. The new crusaders, in their usual manner, plant the faith with fire and sword.

Putin's spokesman Peskov considered the harsh actions of the police quite appropriate against the "provocateurs", to which he attributed all the defenders of the park. Peskov really needs a church that teaches humility so that the angry rogues do not destroy his palaces worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Television is silent about the events in Yekaterinburg, because this is a blow to the authorities. What seeps out is enveloped in multi-layered lies. Even the President was forced to speak out on this matter, which means everything is serious. And it is precisely this seriousness that the President tried to hide - he deliberately sluggishly said that there was some kind of regional conflict - in some microdistrict, residents did not want to build a church. To the great regret of the authorities, the conflict is not regional, it is global: in Yekaterinburg, the "brace" burst. For many years, the clergy, actively supported by government officials, have hammered into the heads of citizens that religion is the seal of condemnation. And suddenly the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg went out to fight against the construction of another church.

"Skrepa" has been bursting for a long time: let us recall the conflict in the Moscow park "Torfyanka", which developed in 2015-2016. An attempt to start in June 2015 the construction of an Orthodox church in the park zone, made without notifying local residents and in conditions of challenging the construction decision in the courts, turned the park into an arena of confrontation. On July 31, 2015, the Babushkinsky District Court of Moscow granted the petition of the opponents of the construction of the church in the Torfyanka Park. But the conflict continues today in a smoldering form. For 4 years already, residents have been on duty around the clock near the mesh fence installed in the Torfyanka park to prevent the delivery of building materials for the church. The construction was moved to another place, but the grid and the cult object (wooden cross) are not removed. The principle is as follows - where the foot of the Orthodox Christian has stepped, one cannot leave from there.

Actually, this is called a raider seizure of territories by the Russian Orthodox Church.

There are a lot of such stories across Russia, although the federal media are carefully suppressing them. But in Yekaterinburg, the "scrap" burst with a deafening crash. And even to those who believe in the authorities and God, it became clear: religion does not hold anyone together, on the contrary, it is an instrument of breaking society into opposing camps, an instrument of creating a permanent civil war, which is very necessary for the enemies of Russia.

The events in the Urals have highlighted the entire unsightly essence of originally non-Russian Christianity, the essence is not divine at all, but purely commercial, which has always played up to the power that relies on it.

The glaring discrepancy lies in the fact that the "skrepa", which claims to be a stronghold of spirituality and morality, climbs with its construction sites into parks, although cutting trees - destroying living organisms for the sake of building a prayer house - is extremely immoral and spiritless.

Finances and pushes the construction of the temple Igor Altushkin, head of the Russian Copper Company - RMK, oligarch, worth $ 3.4 billion. The wife of the sponsor of the scandalous construction of a temple in Yekaterinburg, Tatiana, has British citizenship, she and her six children permanently live in London in the comfort of a five-story palace, bought from the singer Madonna for £ 17 million. from the villa. In Moscow, Tatiana stays in a 207-meter apartment (200 million rubles) in the Arbat Tower residential complex - across the wall from the collector of penthouses, head of VEB Igor Shuvalov. For the marriage of the Altushkin's daughter, the Novo-Tikhvin convent was rented, they are also humble Christians.

Navalny gave a detailed analysis of Altushkin's assets. However, it should be borne in mind that Navalny is a Western banking capital interested in building up the situation in Russia and destroying the country. And the Altushkins help him in this glorious business.

Altushkin is the initiator of civil protests by the residents of Chelyabinsk, where he is going to build the Tominsky ore mining and processing copper plant. An environmentally harmful object near a gas-polluted city will kill millions of people. The experts of the Hundred Committee took an active part in the protests of the city residents. Despite the warnings of experts and protests of residents, the poisoner of water, air, soil - Tominsky GOK is being built.

Killing people is a habitual occupation for Altushkin. His businesses give him colossal profits from the use of outdated cheap dirty technologies without expensive treatment facilities. Altushkin's billions have been paid for by the deaths of millions of people from cancer and other diseases caused by the poor environmental situation.

Another sponsor of the construction of the "bad temple" is the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company - Altushkin's partner. The head of the UMMC, the oligarch Iskander Makhmudov, is also "famous" - he is eager to mine nickel in the Voronezh black soil, killing the country's precious granary.

The Russian Orthodox Church cuts trees, the RMK poisons people, the UMMC kills the Voronezh chernozems - such is the company of earth-killers claiming to be devout Christians. The construction participants are also “patriots” - LLC “Temple of St. Catherine” is registered in the Virgin Islands. Its task is to build on the site of the park not only a temple, but also two elite residential buildings and a business center.

The ROC needs a temple

Let us leave alone the priest's ravings about the need for a church for the sake of spiritual food for the parishioners who are thirsty for guidance. These tales are for the gullible praying mantis.

A church is a retail outlet, and it is not for nothing that the Moscow sculptor of churches Resin uses the shop terminology: a temple within walking distance. The more outlets there are, the higher the income of the Russian Orthodox Church, the closer to the center of the store, the higher the sales volume and the richer the customers. Church trade is not taxed, so many retail outlets can be placed on the territory of the temples, as is done today. They can also sell alcohol. Thus, there are 12 retail outlets in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

Under the guise of building a church, the Russian Orthodox Church seizes elite land plots for free, a plot in the center of Yekaterinburg is very valuable in this sense. Disputes over the construction of the Cathedral of St. Catherine have not subsided in Yekaterinburg for 9 years. In 2010, the Yekaterinburg diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church proposed to build a cathedral on Labor Square. Protests began in the city, and the diocese abandoned its plans. In 2016, the churchmen decided to build the Church of St. Catherine right in the water area of ​​the Yekaterinburg city pond. To do this, it was supposed to fill an island in the center of the pond, and build approaches to it from both banks - a “temple on the water”. The idea provoked even more serious protests than in 2010. The governor of the Sverdlovsk region, Kuyvashev, had to intervene. As a result, the construction was wrapped up and a new version was proposed: a temple on the site of a public garden.

The ROC acts as an assertive businessman, capturing more and more areas of the territory of the Russian Federation and does not retreat from the intended goal.

The temple is needed by sponsors

The image of benefactors, sorrowers about the "spirituality" of the people is the best curtain for the dirty deeds of oligarchs. The Russian Copper Company is the largest donor to the church; in 2018, Patriarch Kirill himself flew on airbases owned by the RMK. In addition to image camouflage, there is also a direct commercial interest - the co-owner of the UMMC A. Kozitsyn built the Yekaterinburg City high-rise block side by side with the controversial square. In the case of the transfer of the square to the Russian Orthodox Church, Kozitsyn receives an increment of his territory. It is possible to use the tax-free zone - the Russian Orthodox Church - and for other commercial projects. And, finally, it is easy to steal at the construction site of the temple, as at any construction site - this is how millionaires of the construction business are born. There are a lot of hunters to cut the money of sponsors.

Power against trees

The Legislative Assembly of Yekaterinburg voted for the construction of a temple on the site of the park and part of the pond. Moreover, the deputies of the Legislative Assembly, preparing in advance for this construction, at the beginning of 2019 changed the rules of land use and transferred park zones to religious zones, which is an environmental crime in itself and falls under the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Ecocide". It is especially criminal to cut down a public garden in a dirty industrial city.

There is information that the election campaign of the governor of the Sverdlovsk region Kuyvashev was seriously financed by Igor Altushkin. It is not excluded that the vote of the Legislative Assembly deputies in favor of the temple was fueled by the RMK.

The central government needs a temple, since religion is a powerful passivator of people's discontent in conditions of extreme injustice, corruption, the destruction of social guarantees, the plundering of the country by oligarchs and officials, and the poverty of the people.

Where a popular revolt is brewing, many temples must be built, for the postulates of religion are designed so that the poor do not kill the rich - this truth has been known since ancient times. Religion knocks out intellect, forms a slave, i.e. ideal control object.

For this, the authorities are pushing for a fashion for religion - they cross themselves, stand with candles … Nowadays, everyone who wants to feed on the authorities, as a marker of loyalty, is in a hurry to declare: I am a believer!

So, in reality, the "brace" holds together the thieves-oligarchs, thieving government officials and the collective oligarch-the Russian Orthodox Church. The people remain on the other side of the barricades.

All talk about spirituality, morality and love is just a cover for commercial interests - this is clearly shown by the methods by which the supporters of the temple are fighting the Protestants. The groups interested in the construction of the temple are powerful enough, they take a lot of money from the fooled people, and therefore they are not shy about their methods.

Having defended their capitals, the oligarchs, the Russian Orthodox Church and the authorities do not hesitate to throw bandit formations into battle: the RMK brings the fight club Archangel Mikhail of its sports academy to the square. This is, in fact, Altushkin's private army. Jocks with the guise of a criminal show tattoos in the form of crosses. "The fence will be or you will lie down!" - growls the "defender of faith."The brothers beat people under the indifferent gaze of the police.

The leader of the squad of athletes at the ROC "Forty forties" Kormukhin on the TV channel "Spas" allows himself to call the Protestants bandits. He clearly does not rank himself and his brothers among those, although the Network, laying out materials about their actions on Torfyanka, calls them Nazis, neo-fascists, stormtroopers. Suffice it to compare the intelligent faces of the Protestants and the "bright face of holy Russia" in the image of Kormukhin and his brigade.

The ROC has bad political strategists. If they had a mind, they would have hidden Kormukhin away from television cameras and would not have filmed the idiotic video "Hams against the temple", where the defenders of the park are strainedly trying to present the defenders of the square as participants in the Maidan. And it is clear to the child that to introduce a bunch of paid provocateurs into the crowd of the park's defenders and make them jump under the camera shouting "He who does not jump is for the temple!" - lighter than easy. But making a cheap scarecrow out of the Ukrainian tragedy is cynicism. And all the people are not gullible church grandmothers. The attempt to portray the defenders of the park as insidious liberals eager for a political coup was absolutely clumsy. But the ROC stupidly continues to post fakes about the temple-fighters on the Network under the hashtag # boors against the temple #.

But Kormukhin clearly insists on hearsay: protests are a long-prepared technology of the Maidan.

The provocation of the Maidan is also played up by the State Duma deputy with a mysterious biography, Poklonskaya, calling the Protestants the conductors of Maidan technologies, the deceived and deceived by the crowd and even state criminals, which is generally illegal. But the deputy gets away with it. “The temple is our roots, our culture,” chirps “Nyasha”. This is a downright lie. Christianity is not the roots of the Slavs, it is an imported foreign religion that took root with blood and over the centuries cut out the original Slavic culture

The Orthodox Internet channel "Tsargrad" is generally a champion in fabricating fakes against the defenders of the park. He even published manuals for Maidan participants, without bothering to prove their involvement in the Yekaterinburg protests. The Russian Orthodox Church does not disdain Goebbels' methods - there is a lot of money at stake. One yacht of the patriarch costs 4 million dollars.

The events in Yekaterinburg are by no means accidental and are not the intrigues of only external enemies and their accomplices - liberals inside the country, as Christians - imperials like to present the situation. They fell into a trap: it seems that they should say a word for the people, and at the same time, they, Christians, how should they go against the Temple? Here they play, they get out in their politically illiterate interviews.

The Kremlin's faithful slave Nikolai Starikov called everyone who speaks of the church as a meeting of "priests in Mercedes" liberals and Trotskyists.

These forces once again showed their anti-Russian essence, which is why they closed themselves in the hot embrace of an incorrect assessment of the protest. They have no truth, which means there is no historical perspective behind them.

Archbishop Hermogenes, in the spirit of a market fight for a stall, called the Protestants "paid goats." The clergy are fiercely fighting for their business, for a plot in the city center, for a retail outlet in a profitable place, completely forgetting that they are kind of like a stronghold of spirituality and even high morality and, therefore, they cannot lie and offend their compatriots.

Yekaterinburg dropped the already falling authority of the ROC right on the asphalt. None of the most vicious critic of the church is able to heed the ROC in the mud as it does in Yekaterinburg history.

Throughout Russia, the construction of churches is being pushed through by force. But why does a true believer need pompous structures? After all, God is in the soul.

What will we get as a result of mass church building?

  1. Strengthening the ecological catastrophe, which today has captured the entire planet, because it is irrational to spend the scarce resources of the Earth on the construction of houses of worship.In addition, a huge number of large concrete boxes will have to be heated and illuminated, although today there is an acute shortage of energy around the world. Cutting down trees when forests are burning en masse is an ecological crime.

  2. The funds spent on churches could be directed to the construction of socially significant structures (churches are not such) - hospitals, kindergartens, housing. It was possible to raise wages and pensions, but the government prefers to keep the people in ignorance and poverty.

  3. Clericalization is killing the country. Inflating the role of religion, cassocks flashing on all TV channels - all this is going on in parallel with the decline in the role of science, with the fall of education, with the belittling of the role of the scientist, and the destruction of the high-tech industry.

Many defenders of the park, as well as famous people like Navalny, Maksim Shevchenko, take an ambivalent position: a temple is needed, but not on the site of the park. In fact, the temple is not needed anywhere!

There is a clear abundance of churches today. Within a radius of 1 km from the controversial park, there are 6 churches, including a huge cathedral on the Blood on the site of the Ipatiev House. 12 more churches are nearby. There are 25 churches in the city. See map.

But the ROC in insane greed shouts: little, little, little! It is unlikely that the new church will gain a sufficient number of parishioners. All churches in Russia are empty. The number of churchgoers does not exceed 4% of the population of the Russian Federation, no matter how the churchmen try to overestimate this number. There is a clear decline in the number of believers, which provokes the ROC itself by an immoderate craving for luxury, greed, the seizure of territories and real estate, even historical ones. Let us recall the battles over the transfer of St. Isaac's Cathedral to the church. The more temples, the more atheists - people write on social networks.

The number of churches of the Russian Orthodox Church since 1990 (2, 5 thousand) increased by 2017 to 36, 8 thousand.The number of schools during the same period decreased from 69, 7 thousand to 41, 8 thousand.Total minus 28 thousand schools and plus 34, 3 thousand temples. We are raising a generation of morons.

During the same time, the number of scientific institutes decreased by more than 20%, the rest are in an almost inoperative state, about 2.5 million scientists have emigrated, the high-tech industry - the customer of science - has been liquidated by almost 80%. The Russian Federation lacks 500 thousand specialists in information technology.

Religion is the antipode of science. Raising religion and destroying science, the authorities of the Russian Federation are dragging the country into the Middle Ages, depriving it of its future, and killing it.

Clericalization is part of a hybrid war against Russia aimed at the complete destruction of the country.

Legendary city - Yekaterinburg. The Tsar was killed here, Yeltsin, the killer of the USSR, was born here. Today Christianity, the religion of slaves, is dying here.

The events in the Urals, which is the "stronghold of the state, its earner and blacksmith", is no longer an easy bell against the garbage reform or the "Plato" system, and not even a dying rumble against raising the retirement age, but a formidable alarm announcing that for the government countdown went.

The situation in the country, affected by the arbitrariness and lawlessness of the authorities in all spheres of economic and social life, is heating up and has an obvious tendency to aggravate. But today the anti-Russian authorities have reduced the resource for pouring money into protests due to the sanctions. The "bayonets", on which, in fact, the power is held, are also not eager to risk for the wages that have dried up from the monstrous inflation and the rise in the cost of everything. Moreover, the realization comes to them that they will have to answer for everything, when their current owners are guaranteed to fly to the West, where their families and capital are. On the imported nukers, you can burn yourself, and they will charge you dearly for services.

The Yekaterinburg events may have a second bottom - very dangerous. The Ural is the cut line of Russia according to the plans of Western political strategists. Separating Siberia rich in raw materials from the center is their task. Therefore, the aggravation of the situation in this region can lead to a real Maidan, when the agents of the dismemberment of Russia will stand behind the defenders of the park.Liberals, having unlimited resources, primarily financial from abroad, and even from the local fifth column, may try to intercept the protest. Perhaps the church is intended in this scenario to play the nasty role of the igniter who, by pushing through an unpopular construction site, makes the people angry?

The conflict acquired an all-Russian resonance, appeared in foreign media. At the residence of the patriarch in Moscow, activists of the "Association of People's Resistance" hung a black banner on the fence with the words "Sorry for Ekb" and scattered smoke bombs. The ROC works as a powerful destabilizer of the situation in Russia. Who does she work for?

Moscow scientists supported the defenders of the park.

In Yekaterinburg, the construction of the temple was stopped - the fence was removed from the square. This means that people can do something if they act together.

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