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If you believe the facts, the legendary Christ was a healer, and the Jews made him the "messiah"
If you believe the facts, the legendary Christ was a healer, and the Jews made him the "messiah"

Video: If you believe the facts, the legendary Christ was a healer, and the Jews made him the "messiah"

Video: If you believe the facts, the legendary Christ was a healer, and the Jews made him the "messiah"
Video: Westlife - If I Let You Go (Official Video) 2023, December

Judge for yourself, reader, given that politicians, historians and preachers can tell us anything, but the facts stubbornly speak about what happened!

The term itself fact (factum) - "a synonym for truth; event or result; real, not fictional; concrete and singular as opposed to general and abstract." A source.

So, first of all, you must trust the facts! But in our age of total lies, they also need to be checked for authenticity!

What do historians, preachers and politicians tell us, on the one hand, and what do facts and artifacts tell us, on the other hand ?!

Historians tell us that “Christ (ancient Greek Χριστός from ancient Greek χρῖσμα, χρῖμα, χρῖσματος -“ointment, oil, anointing”) is literally“anointed one.”This is a translation of the Hebrew word מָשִׁיחַ (Mashiach). In modern usage, the term usually refers to Jesus Christ. "Jesus Christ" means "Jesus the anointed one." A source.

Preachers tell us that " Mashiach (translated from Hebrew also means "anointed one") - this is head of the Jewish people, the king, under whose leadership the People of Israel will triumph over their haters, will achieve true freedom and independence from all external forces. The Mashiach (Messiah) is precisely a person, it is in this capacity that he acts as the executor of the will of the Most High by earthly, human means. " A source.

And the facts tell us something different that the Greek word Christ does not come from Jewish "Moshiach", because it was originally ancient Greek, similar to words such as χρῖσμα, χρῖμα, χρῖσματος - "ointment, oil, anointing" … Greek word Christ ("Anointed one") literally means "Applying healing ointments", that is, a doctor or a healer! Which, of course, has nothing to do with the Jewish religious term "Messiah" or "Moshiach"!

Let's take another look at the meaning of this term, but from the other side:

Historical background of the city of Jerash, where an early Christian image with many swastikas was also discovered:

According to legend, Cosmas and Damian led a strict, chaste life and possessed the gift of healing diseases, which Jesus Christ had. By their kind attitude towards people, the brothers turned many to faith in Christ, who healed the sick with the power of the Holy Spirit. For disinterested treatment of sick brothers, they were called "free doctors."


This picture shows execution Saints Cosmas and Damian (Painter Fra Beato Angelico, 1438-1440, part of the large altar. Church of San Marco. Florence. Italy).

So, I wrote at the beginning: if you believe the facts, the legendary Christ was a healer, and the Jews made him the "messiah"! And now, having added and studied this historical mosaic, made up of many facts, we can conclude: early Christianity was healers movementlearning from each other (in a chain) to heal people by the power of the Holy Spirit, as did Jesus himself, called the Savior. As such, "Christian clergy", like the Jewish clergy, early Christianity did not provide! It provided exclusively healing practices and enlightenment that "God is spirit" (John 4:24).

By the way, this conclusion made by me fully corresponds to these teachings of Jesus, which he addressed to his disciples, whom he sent to save the Jews:

"These twelve Jesus sent, and commanded them, saying: Do not go on the way to the Gentiles, and do not enter the city of Samaritan; but go first and foremost to the lost sheep of the house of Israel; As you go, preach that the kingdom of heaven is at hand; heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons; you have received for nothing, give free. Take with you neither gold, nor silver, nor copper in your belts, nor bags for the road, nor two clothes, nor shoes, nor a staff, for the laborer is worthy of food … "(Matthew 10: 5-10).

So the very concept Christianity associated exclusively with free healing people by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Healers worked only for food!) Well, what people today call Christianity has little to do with what was in the beginning.

We can say that today we have a parody of what happened …

June 9, 2019 Murmansk. Anton Blagin


Darnichanin: Christianity, as a religion, is a technology of submission to oneself (Jewish Jews / Jewish Rabbinate) of the teachings of Jesus, which was spread by popular initiative even after the ascension of Jesus Christ. The essence of Isus' teaching is anti-slave-owning. And therefore, according to the principle "If you cannot resist - lead!" The Jews sent their agents to Christian communities to become "exemplary Christians" and become leaders of the communities. (Judaism allows the Jews to accept another religion, if the Jewish community needs it.) When the number of leaders of Christian communities that had been expected reached the required percentage, it was then that the "Congress of the leaders of communities of followers of Jesus Christ of Galilean" was convened. Subsequently, it was called the "Nicene Cathedral".

At this "council", under the guise of "streamlining the written (Gospel) and oral (tradition) information about Jesus Christ the Galilean (Halle?) Among the people / nations", it was decided to "streamline", and in fact - to curb the popular initiative and censor all written and To this end, they created an "organization of communities of followers / adherents of Jesus Christ" and called it "Church of Christ." The meeting elected a presidium and chairman and created a mandate / evangelical commission. canonical. "(An interesting thing, but in the Latin alphabet (German, English, …) the word" kanone "is a weapon / cannon, and" gunner "is a gunner. That is," kanon / kanone "is not only a" dogma ", but also a very lethal argument that shoots and kills.) Coincidence? I don't think so!

BednayKrestianin: … Judaism is the oldest and most ferocious FASCISM on the planet … - the ideology and practice of PARASITISM under the pretext of racial superiority … The "God-chosen" of the Jews as a pretext of racial superiority can no longer be surpassed, even in principle! Where there are SECONDARY fascists (Germans and Ukrainians with their "Aryan" and dug by the Black Sea), made by the PRIMARY fascists to carry out their biblical project. To declare ALL goyim as animals … and the MAIN PURPOSE is to make ALL goyim slaves … even Hitler did not think of this …

Al. Semenov: if we put aside the theory of the origin of man for a moment, it is obvious that the current global caste of priests was formed in Egypt, and for some reason was forced to migrate from there. One branch went through Venice to Switzerland, the second through Genoa to Holland and later to England. The Swiss branch rules with the help of finance, the English imperially - seizing territories physically and establishing vassal power, while the native rulers are obliged to keep their families' capital and real estate in English jurisdiction. For ideological binding, the Vatican was created, the main task of which is to conceal the true history of mankind and to impose a slavish philosophy of worshiping masters. To achieve their goals of global governance, the priests needed to create a special class of administrators. To do this, they chose the meanest, most greedy and shameless tribe, came up with an ideology for them - they are supposedly chosen by God, and if they follow all the orders of the priests, the planet will belong to them.

The English branch of the priests, the Anglo-Saxons with a pronounced reptilian jaw, began to attract Jews to enslave the territories. The Swiss branch - with elongated serpentine faces and noses, taught the Jews to use the usurious interest.

But even the creators of the Jews did not expect how zealous their creatures would be. With the help of their own invention - the institution of Jewish wives, they intercepted leadership over the Vatican and all the royal families of Europe, they added their tribal invention to the English instrument of power and Swiss money - debauchery-pederasty and pedophilia. And with the help of this method they managed to decompose even their creators in England and Switzerland!

Vox3711: I do not share Blagin's strange ideas, I believe that his head is still not very good. But. In this particular case, in my personal opinion, Blagin is partially right! There was an absolutely real person whose name was changed. This man was primarily a preacher, non-aggressive. I can assume that this man took the risk of talking about the one God for all people, hence, logically, the thought of equality before God. Encroached on the monopoly of a local deity. It is very likely that he was a healer, but about the miracles of revitalization, this is, however, too much.

Local managers, who worked so productively on behalf of Yahweh (Jehovah), understandably finished off a competitor by sharing responsibility with the occupation administration. Well, then this story was very competently used to create an excellent management structure. The descendants of the developers of the project did not fool around, but took control into their own hands.

I will repeat - Blagin's nonsense about the Jews does not roll to me, he rested on the private, not seeing the picture as a whole. They are ruled not by "Jews" alone, but by the International, a handful not inclined to show themselves in any way. In what Blagin is still interesting - he is firm in his idea and does not depart from it, no matter how strange it may be for opponents. And he does not ban opponents with squeals and nervous obscenities. These qualities are very worthy of respect.