Unstudied Anomalies of Russia
Unstudied Anomalies of Russia

In Russia, between the Zhigulevsk and Ural mountains, there are many anomalous phenomena that have been very little studied today, but have been known since ancient times.

So all the legends contain information that under the mountains live various types of living beings - wizards and sorceresses, dwarfs and "people-owls", they periodically appear on the surface and manifest their techno-magical abilities. That is why UFOs are very often recorded near mountain ranges, which appear and disappear from under the Earth. Moreover, such phenomena are typical for many mountain ranges around the world.

Also, in mountain ranges, mirages of various buildings and entire cities that hang in the air are very common - it is likely that these are chronomirages, or manifestations of flying cities. Also a frequent phenomenon in the mountains are light columns, which in other parts of the world are fixed as coming out of the central part of the pyramids, which makes it possible for unknown pyramids to exist in mountain ranges not only in Russia but throughout the world, and additional research is needed to confirm these facts.

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