Where have the Spaceports of Past Civilizations gone ?
Where have the Spaceports of Past Civilizations gone ?

In the treatise Vimanika Shastra, and many other ancient sources, it is said that highly developed civilizations existed on our earth that used aircraft of various types to move both in all the elements of the Earth and in interstellar space. But if this was really so, then in different parts of the earth we must find the remains of ancient structures that were spaceports, airports and landing sites for various types of aircraft.

In this video article, I want to provide facts showing the remains of the infrastructure of past civilizations that were used to receive and send flying vehicles of various types. So the most famous of them is the Nazca plateau in South America, which has retained the outlines of many of the runways. At the same time, multiple products are found throughout America demonstrating objects similar to our modern airplanes and other types of flying vehicles, which is an additional confirmation of the purpose of the strips remaining on the Nazca Plateau.

An image of the life of past civilizations has been preserved in the Indian temple, where flying vehicles land on the top of a flat mountain, standing in the center of the legendary Daariya. Also, the flying objects of the past could be used as landing sites and the Giant flat peaks of the mesas, it is not for nothing that the Indians call them houses of God. Using this knowledge, and exploring the area near the mesas, I managed to find the sunken city of Atlanta, and the legendary city of Eldorado in the area of ​​the table mountain Roraimo in South America. In the same region of the Amazon, there is a tribe that used to descend underground into the land of the Giants.

Another place of existence of the airstrip of the past is Yundum, an airfield on the territory of modern Gambia, which, with its already excavated part of 4900 meters, can receive any types of flying vehicles known to us today.

On the territory of modern Russia, there are many places with the remains of structures that in the past were both spaceports and airports, and landing sites, but due to their poor knowledge, one can only assert the need to continue research in this direction.

But already collected facts from all over the world show us that the remnants of the infrastructure of past civilizations that were used to receive and send flying vehicles exist practically throughout the entire earth, even in its most remote corners.

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