Useful sites and apps to help parents
Useful sites and apps to help parents

This video review highlights sites and apps that can help conscious parents raise their children.

In conditions when vulgarity, violence and stupidity have filled the country's TV channels and cinemas, the search for good films and cartoons that could be safely shown to children turns into a real quest for many parents. The problem is, most moms and dads can't afford to watch tons of video content, pulling out useful nuggets.

And the official age ratings "0+" or "6+" do not at all serve as a guarantee that the work will be useful to the child, as well as the stamp "filmed with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Russia" or the "Cinema Fund". Since within the framework of the Teach Good project we have been evaluating the educational and ideological components of popular works for a long time and we are well aware that any product for children must meet two main criteria - to be useful and safe - we would like to recommend several services to all our viewers, the creators of which, in our opinion, try to follow these principles when forming the lists of films and cartoons recommended for children.

First, it is online cinema "Zero Plus" … Its authors hold the festival of the same name for children’s cinema and since 2015 have been developing “Cinema Pedagogy” in Russia, in the concept of which cinema is considered as an instrument of upbringing and education. This approach formed the basis for the newly created site, both in the selection of works for children, and in the creation of a unique function of meaningful viewing. When using it during the showing of a cartoon or film, various questions, tasks for attention and memory development appear. This stimulates the child to thoughtfully perceive information and analyze what is happening on the screen. A very important skill in modern conditions. By the way, the project has applications for Android and IOS. As indicated in their description, the goal of the Zero Plus online cinema is to popularize such values as family, friendship, love, kindness, nature, talent, culture through cinema.

To download to your phone, we will immediately recommend you another application called "Radio. XX century " … It contains the digitized recordings of Soviet radio that aired from 1946 to 1966. All materials are grouped by age. For children, you will find here a large number of beautifully voiced fairy tales, stories and radio shows. For example, such series as "Deniskin's stories", "Magic taxi", "stories of Nikolai Nosov", works of classical literature and much more. Note that listening to good audio performances develops imagination to a greater extent than watching a video sequence, since when hearing information, as well as when reading, the brain itself forms images.

Another useful resource for parents is the site. Its authors try to check the films added to the database for compliance with moral and age standards, immoral scenes are cut out of some works. The site even has a separate section with films recommended by the Teach Good Project.

In addition, we suggest paying attention to the site "KinoCensor", the rating system of which includes an assessment of the educational and ideological component of the work. You can either use the TOP-100 section to choose a good movie, or check any popular movie through a search on the site's base - how other users rated it in terms of its impact on society. One of the site's mottos: "A good author educates the viewer, and the censor educates the author." We also recommend that you leave your ratings for the pictures you have viewed.


We remind you that in previous reviews we talked about two more wonderful projects - "Film lessons in Russian schools"and the prize "For the good of the world".

And finally, a few words about Teach Good. Although the main goals of the project are more related to the formation of discrimination and critical perception skills among the audience, during the time of our activity we have accumulated a fairly large base of creative works. There is a large green button in the header of the site with the self-explanatory name "Good". When you click on it, you will receive a selection of positive reviews. Also in the sidebar there are lists of recommended films and cartoons for children. Please note that all the sites considered in this video are free and there are no ads on them - to some it may seem like a trifle, but in fact this is a very important factor characterizing the attitude of the authors towards their users and viewers. Perhaps in their assessments they sometimes make certain mistakes, but in general their work is aimed at creating a favorable information environment for the development of society, in which there is simply no place for commercial advertising.

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