Coronavirus Cure Exists
Coronavirus Cure Exists

For 60 years in medicine, there have been universal methods of using the simplest substances that help to treat and prevent ALL viral diseases that are known to mankind, and will still appear in the future, including the new Coronavirus. The purpose of this video is to familiarize a wide range of viewers with the simplest drugs that medicine has used and tested, and they have proven their effectiveness and versatility even in space conditions.

It will be about the methodology of Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakin - professor, doctor of medical sciences, full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Honored Inventor of Russia and laureate of the State Prize - since 1959, for thirty years, he worked in space medicine, and developed methods and means of providing medical assistance to astronauts at flights of varying duration. The methods developed by Ivan Pavlovich develop the body's adaptive abilities to various stresses and have already saved the lives of many people.

Such a universal method is the prevention and treatment of many diseases, including viral ones, using 3% hydrogen peroxide. For the FIRST TIME: it is advised to take a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, starting with 1 drop !!!!!, diluted in 100-200 GRAMS of warm clean water, take the product 30 minutes before meals. Then you CAN add one drop at a time so that the body gets used to it a little. For the second dose, 2 drops, for the third, 3 drops, etc. The recommended MAXIMUM dose for treatment is 1 drop per 10 kg WEIGHT. FULL TREATMENT COURSE 14 days, after a break of 2-3 days, and the procedure can be repeated. A break is needed in order to NOT CHANGE the defense mechanisms of the human body, namely, to help the body at the most crucial moment.

Taking an "oxygen cocktail" is not a new method of prevention and treatment, which is scientifically called "enteral oxygen therapy". The drink comes from the USSR. For the first time they started talking about him in 1963 thanks to the efforts of the Soviet pathophysiologist Nikolai Sirotin. Oral consumption of O2 is also one of the possible ways of delivering this element to the body.

Also, every person should know that vitamins play an important role in life and resistance to all diseases for the body. The most rich in Natural Vitamins is a plant called Ivan-tea (aka Fireweed, or Tsar Tea). So in 100gr. Ivan tea leaves are present from 200 to 400 mg. ascorbic acid, vitamin C, i.e. 5-6 times more than in lemons, and vitamins of the "B" group are very well preserved in it at all stages of production. And most importantly, it is an unsurpassed antiseptic. It is scientifically proven that Ivan tea surpasses all medicinal plants in its anti-inflammatory properties! According to one of the legends, Ivan-tea appeared on earth at the behest of higher powers precisely in order to stop the epidemic, from which no medicines helped, since then he has been protecting the health of people. Healing Ivan tea is also distinguished by its rich chemical composition. In its terrestrial part, you can find the presence of many vitamins, as well as carotenoids and polysaccharides. Ivan tea is rich in pectins, it contains components of chlorophyll, tannins (up to 20%), organic acids. The herb is rich in phytosterols (including beta-sitosterol), triterpenoids, coumarins, flavonoids (including quercetin and kaempferol). All these Natural substances are necessary for every person for a normal Healthy Life.

You also need to remember that most of a person's immunity is in his intestines, and it is milk bacteria that provide this immunity, which are best absorbed from fermented products - Yoghurts, kefir and sour cream. It is these products that contain a maximum of useful substances that are easily absorbed, and lactic bacteria provide stable human immunity. Lactic acid and lactic acid live bacteria have antibiotic activity, i.e. inhibit the development of putrefactive and other non-dairy, incl.

Pathogenic bacteria. Also, an ordinary person should understand that new viruses will appear constantly and it does not depend on the vagaries of nature, therefore, in order to preserve life, health and material resources, you need to learn how to use the simplest effective methods and teach others to do this. Enlightenment and Sanity is the only way to solve any problem.

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