Fabulous Technologies from Epics about Ilya Muromets
Fabulous Technologies from Epics about Ilya Muromets

What was the real level of Russian civilization? This question can best be answered by the military technologies of the past, which are described in the epics about the legendary Defender of the Fatherland Ilya Muromets.

Ilya Muromets (full epic name - Ilya Muromets, son of Ivanovich) is one of the main characters of the Old Russian epic epic, a hero who embodies the common popular ideal of a warrior hero. It is believed that Ilya Muromets was first mentioned in 1574 in a letter from the head of Orsha Filon, in which he wrote about the epic hero “Ilya Muravlenin” as the defender of the Russian lands.

It is believed that the prototype of the epic hero is a strong man nicknamed "Chobotok", originally from Murom, who took monastic vows in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra with the name Elijah, and canonized in 1643 among the saints of the Orthodox Church as "Venerable Elijah of Muromets." His relics rest in the Near Caves of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, in 1988 the Interdepartmental Commission of the Ministry of Health of the Ukrainian SSR carried out their examination, it was found that the man died at the age of 40-55 from a wound in the heart, and in his youth he suffered paralysis of the limbs.

These data allow us to assert that Ilya Muromets was a real person who lived in the XII century, and died in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra around 1188, which means that the data about real military technologies described in the epics can also be reliable, and describe the real level of the Russian civilization of that time.

Epic - what was in reality, reality. It is the epics that show us what kind of horse served Ilya Muromets, and all its characteristics in terms of movement and combat use are very similar to the characteristics of the modern combat helicopter Mi-24. The arrows of Ilya Muromets are described in more detail, which he uses in many epics, the characteristics of these arrows correspond to modern multiple launch rocket systems, and are close to missiles with a range of hundreds of kilometers. But the most incredible thing is that the epics describe whole floating cities, which our civilization is just beginning to design, and also describe the fabulous Giants as tall as the mountain - Svyatogor (about 50 meters), and the trees of the Giants that can serve as a coffin for giants and a means for obtaining various types of ores.

Evil (- unknown) is hidden in the details, and when we consider these details in more detail, we understand the true level of the Fairytale Civilization of Russia, and those who know the true past are able to create their future by taking into it only the best from past civilizations.

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