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"Impurities" in the information field. The term "OK NVD"
"Impurities" in the information field. The term "OK NVD"

Video: "Impurities" in the information field. The term "OK NVD"

Video: "Impurities" in the information field. The term "OK NVD"
Video: Taming Defects in Quantum Field Theory —Yifan Wang 2023, December

When you analyze information about dubious organizations, watch all kinds of videos on YouTube “about the truth” and compare all “this” with the social mood in society, then you understand that the information field is, sorry, crap.

Yes, it sounds harsh, but it's hard to find a less harsh word. The information field is so polluted that sometimes you think: "Perhaps it was good without the Internet." For he is an accelerator of penetration into the heads of people of "impurities" from the network. If earlier it was a couple of eminent sects, the "MMM" pyramid, which they talked about on TV or in the newspaper, today it is an ocean teeming with piranhas, access to which is open to every house via the Internet aquarium.

People, in search of spirituality, mysticism, truth, fall into the hooks of experienced hunters for sanity. Which, in turn, will be happily quartered and eaten for dinner, devastating the victim. And then they will fill the brain with what they need.

You know that for 8 months I have been engaged in analytics of a dubious organization, namely the Allatra International Movement - 4 articles, 1 TV story have been published. Obviously, the goals of the movement are not at all those that are declared to society. She is a good example of when a person in search of truth falls into a strong trap of "spirituality."

Sects and similar organizations have lived for more than one year because of human ignorance, ignorance, social need for support and understanding, love.

By the way, few people know, but the sect, once upon a time, did not at all have the semantic meaning that it has now. In classical Latin, this term (lat. Secta - "party, school, faction") served to denote a way of thinking, a way of life, and in a more specific sense - a political party or a philosophical school to which a person belonged.

In my opinion, it is time to introduce a new term for those organizations that are potentially dangerous to society. Those who, under the guise of spirituality, do their own completely unkind deeds. I designated them as "OK NVD" - Oorganizations TOtake away Nreally Vashe Dtrust. And as we know, trust is the basis of everything.

For example, you have never seen a single holy person live, which is discussed in the Holy Scriptures, but you TRUST the religion in which you are, and believe in it.

Or here's another example for you - the leader of the Allatra MoU, said in one of his videos that once there was a “Mariyevskaya group” during the time of the Templars, which saved the world from destructive catastrophes with its “love”, today they are called “Geliars”. It all sounds strange, right? I was looking for at least information about those and did not find it. But the Allatra participants, blindly TRUSTING to the leader, believed it.

Etc. There are a lot of such examples. All the troubles associated with the consciousness of people, in my opinion, are due to their unreasonable trust. If we did not believe so blindly, perhaps science would have made great strides long ago.

You know my attitude to religions. But it's worth noting that I respect those who make a CONSCIOUS choice in this regard, and boldly follows the chosen path. After all, each of us has his own. Truth? Therefore, let's immediately indicate - now we are not talking about these main religious trends:

"Impurities" in the info field
"Impurities" in the info field

It will be about those "impurities" which, having absorbed this or that part of such a religious trend, imagined themselves to be separate, significant and carrying truth into the world. Speech about "OK NVD" (Oorganizations, TOtake away Nreally Vashe Doverride).

I'd like very much that already all these Indian pseudo-Brahmans, mighty witches, sorcerers, neo-pagans, creators of a "creative society" and others - went to their separate fairyland and organized and taught each other there. And in my opinion, the acceleration in the movement of those there should be already finally enshrined in the legislation of the Russian Federation. The population of this endless coven must be controlled, eradicated and this is obvious.

For my part, to implement this, I will try to make every effort. Even if nothing works out for me, I will be honest with myself that at least I tried to stop this obscurantism.

World of fairy liars

Next, I want you to read very succinct material about what sects are and "OK NVD". There is a lot of information about this on the network, but I would like to once again bring this information to you.

Origin classification:

  1. Western - originating from Europe and America, having Christian roots (for example, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons);

2. Oriental - which are based on revised and distorted Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam (for example, the Society for Krishna Consciousness, Brahma-Kumaris);

3. National - Russian (for example, the Church of the Last Testament (Vissarionovtsy), the Mother of God Center);

4. Transnational … This includes sects and organizations that have a whole network of their branches around the world. (does it remind anyone?).

And now, let's look more specifically at those "OK NVD", but simply liars who steal the root (and sometimes the roots) of the official religion and play their game, finally leading ordinary citizens away from sanity and critical thinking.

"Find the liar" or "disguise as spirituality"

Pseudo-Christian sects and organizations

"Impurities" in the info field
"Impurities" in the info field

How to identify a liar: stylized as a Christian denomination. This type of group is characterized by: a distortion of the interpretation of Holy Scripture in comparison with traditionally established theological schools, the presence of their own "revelations" that are of greater importance for sectarians than the Divine Biblical Revelation, an aggravated negative attitude towards traditional Christianity, the proclamation of their own specific conditions of salvation.

Pseudo-Eastern sects and organizations

"Impurities" in the info field
"Impurities" in the info field

How to identify a liar:stylization of science, "playing" in science. At the same time, scientific criteria for solving problems are completely absent.… Let us recall that the main criterion of scientific character is the experimental provability of the asserted provisions. A set of statements that contradict scientific, i.e. experimentally substantiated conclusions can only be considered pseudoscience. In such organizations, there is only one criterion for the truth of any statement - the opinion of the leader of the organization. Groups of this kind can be called scientific in form and occult in content.

Occult directions

"Impurities" in the info field
"Impurities" in the info field

How to identify a liar: claim to possess some kind of "secret knowledge" that gives power over the "forces of the universe", practice a system of "esoteric initiations" that reveal supernatural abilities, the possibility of a new vision and understanding of the structure of the world. They have a developed philosophy of humanism.


"Impurities" in the info field
"Impurities" in the info field

How to identify a liar: common to this group of sects is the assertion of the priority value of physical health and longevity. It is argued that it is on the paths of this movement that their acquisition is possible. At the same time, either the leader is deified, as in the case of Porfiry Ivanov, or the technique is sacralized, such as the rebirthing technique, or a prophetic gift is attributed to the founder of the sect, such as Ann Morse Baker, the founder of the Christian Science movement.

Pseudo-Islamic sects and organizations

"Ahmadiyya Muslim Community" ("Qadianites"), "Nurcular", Wahhabis, "Tablig Jamaat", etc.

"Impurities" in the info field
"Impurities" in the info field

How to identify a liar: stylized as traditional Islam. This type of group is characterized by: alternative interpretations of the Koran and Sunnah in comparison with the traditional theological and legal schools of Islam, a critical attitude towards traditional Islam, and especially towards the “infidels”. Members of these groups are often engaged in extremist activities aimed at suppressing dissidents and overthrowing the constitutional order.

On the basis of official religions, several thousand organizations and sects have "sprung up", which for every taste and color can lead a person away from common sense. I am sure that our state needs a society of sensible people, so it is imperative to pay attention to the population of such people. Moreover, I believe that an organization in which more than 100 people participate should be subject to verification by the state. organs. Otherwise, this "birth rate" of heresy will never end. Well, how much can you?

Why are sects and OK NVD born, multiplying?

Let's assume there are two versions of why we believe in scientifically unproven things (that which they did not see, did not touch themselves) - official and not official.

"Impurities" in the info field
"Impurities" in the info field

Official version. A long time ago, before us, there were saints and revered people who brought good, love, the word of God to the world. It is about them and their good for mankind deeds that are discussed in all the scriptures of the world. Sometimes, their actions were so fantastic, incredible that ordinary people could not name anything other than the participation of God, the spirit of the holy, higher powers in this. These actions are dedicated to paintings, frescoes, icons, books that tell how it happened. Such people are revered to this day. People around the world choose one or another religion that is either close to them, or especially revered in their country.

This is the most common option today. As I wrote earlier, everyone has the right to their own choice in this matter. I respect the choice of every person who is looking for his own path to the truth through the official religion. It is important to note that we are talking about religions, not surrogates based on them.

Unofficial version. They say that before us, modern people, there was a high-tech, different civilization, on the remains of which we began a new era. Perhaps it was all very different - vibrations and waves were the basis of everything. Electricity was transferred from object to object without any wires or other tinsel there. They say that there were teleports. In general, everything that science fiction tells about today has already happened, just in a different form. And it is important to note here that it was all scientifically provable. Then there was a world cataclysm, the apocalypse, the seizure of the Earth, and everything "came to naught."

And here is the main thing - no matter which version is closer to you.

After all, one way or another, we are manipulated because of our innate ignorance. No, this is not because we are all lazy and are not looking for truth, truth, information. But because we do not know for sure - was this previous civilization, or, for example, all those events described in the Bible.

One way or another, we all take our word for it - we TRUST. I repeat, we cannot check everything that was "before us".

And on the basis of this ignorance, there is everything that goes beyond our, at times, primitive thinking. A sort of "Cargo Cult". You know what it is, for sure. When the aborigines mistook the Americans for the Gods who threw off the cargo ship for the tribe. With food, clothes. Since then, the plane is the chariot of the gods, and the pilots are the gods.

So are we with you. As soon as something is beyond our understanding - immediately refer to the divine. But this not always so.

The sects and OK NVD understand this well and for more than one century cleverly place their nets in the path of good people … Their goals are different. There are simply mentally unhealthy people, for example, Maria Devi Khristos, who realize their nonsense. And there are those who simply hunt for your funds for their own benefit. But in our time there are also those who people are deliberately taken "in the wrong place." To the abyss.

Path to the abyss

You and I need a society of sane people, the vector of development of which coincides with the evolution of man. With the one who develops positive moral qualities in him, not only in words, but and in fact … We need a society that is capable of making decisions not with emotions, but with a sound mind for the development of the state in which they live. Society of educated people, knowledgeable in SCIENCE. This is what should be the basis of a sane society.

But today there is, for example, the Allatra international public movement. Which takes people away from science and common sense … Plunges people into a thoughtless blissful state in which people do not develop but only dig in their head in search of an enemy within themselves. They accept the words of the leader I. M. Danilov on faith, for again blindly trust whatever he said. Such people ostensibly every spoken from his mouth responds in the soul. But they do not understand that the "hunter", most likely, simply deftly and professionally coaxes, lures the "prey" before "swallowing" it.

And who is the hunter and who is the prey? The hunter, in this case, "Allatra" or another similar organization that needs your trust ("OK NVD"), and the prey - people looking for the path of truth, truth.

In this case, the bait is obvious - this is the construction CREATIVE SOCIETY … In which everything, as each of you wishes - everywhere peace, love, 4-hour work schedule, free medicine, decent wages, etc.

And here it is difficult to grasp the so-called "path to the abyss", right?

But, if you look from the outside, it is obvious that there is nothing but words and promises. NO EVOLUTION. NO SCIENCE. NO EDUCATION. There is FOOD, PROMISES, which lead a person away from evolution.

Again and again, "Allatra" and similar "OK NVD" help to shift the responsibility to a person, for building the future by real actions today, onto someone there and with what tools it is not clear. People, in this case, stop self-development and learn what is really capable of establishing life in modern realities. For example, in Allatra, participants only write the so-called "life", social media. polls on the streets and mount it all non-stop, with subsequent uploading to the network.

How many people of Allatra do you think, who understand at least something in local self-government? And in lawmaking?

By the way, about evolution. Of course, everyone has their own. Namely, in one direction or another. But there is one foundation on which this development should go - science and evidence base. If the profession is creative, then this also applies to her. Do not forget that science and art go side by side throughout humanity. These are forms of social consciousness and specific ways of reflecting the universe. Of course, there are differences between the two. After all the science is aimed at objective reflection of the world in conceptual forms, and art - is a form of social consciousness, which, with the help of artistic images, ensures the transmission of human experience. But this does not change their common evolutionary goal.

And now let's continue the topic of evolution, science, necessary for humanity today and the path to the abyss, using the example of the Allatra IPM. What tools of self-development for a person who will eventually have to build a new creative society does this "OK NVD" offer?

1) Meditation, the positive effect of which has not been proven by science. I wonder how this will solve the economic problems of the countries?

2) Installation courses materials for the organization. It will not help build a "bright future" under any circumstances.

3) Teaching supposedly journalism. This is a separate topic altogether. The organization calls its participants journalists, who, with a microphone in their hands, perform one of the PR functions of the Allatra IPM - to appear in society at events or on the streets and speak on understandable topics of kindness and love, while inserting the Allatra IPM here. A journalist is, first of all, a person who knows how to think, search for information, analyze it and, most importantly, have critical thinking. And this is not present in the organization. Basically, Allatra journalists are just bearers of the logo on microphones and candidates for the role of bloggers, of whom there are so many that it would not hurt to clean up YouTube. In order not to disgrace themselves at all, they recruit real journalists into their ranks. But there are 5-10 such people for the whole organization.

It should be noted that Allatra has at least new features of the dubious organization. It differs from classical sects, which, for the most part, we have learned to bypass. Moreover, at one time I considered this "OK NDV" to be accurate in its actions, but I was wrong.

For example, here is a video from Allatra TV, which, in my opinion, defames the name of Imam Mahdi … I do not understand how it is generally permissible that the Allatra IPM allows one to speculate on Islam for their own purposes. Obviously, the organization simply has its own plans for the attention of the people of this religion. The question is what?

So, "Igor Mikhailovich Danilov is the Imam of Mahdi" - quote from Elchin, member of the Allatra International Movement. This is what a Muslim says, hand in hand on the Quran:

Also, he continues to lie, saying that in the body of I. M. Danilov is the Archangel Gabriel. It should be noted that Elchin has a special account at the Allatra International Movement. And this is not just the opinion of "someone there."

Returning to the topic of "sewage" on the net. Maybe it's time to start cleaning the info field from those? In my opinion, all sectologists in the network need to unite on one resource, make up single a list of those who actively apply for this title. And get started. Namely, by combining your experience, help organize law enforcement agencies to check those under certain articles of the law. I am ready to organize such a single resource.

Our silence and inaction give rise to this endless Sabbath. Isn't each of us responsible for whoever is around? And it doesn't matter if you are a dear person or a simple passer-by.

Until we start a targeted info-cleaning, such as, for example, the frames below (strictly 18+), so it will go online next to the concept of spirituality (video frames from ALLATRA TV):

"Impurities" in the info field
"Impurities" in the info field
"Impurities" in the info field
"Impurities" in the info field
"Impurities" in the info field
"Impurities" in the info field
"Impurities" in the info field
"Impurities" in the info field

I would like to draw the attention of the organizers of the Allatra International Movement - I downloaded these videos. Therefore, it is already useless to delete.

In general, the most dangerous, for today, I think is precisely that network rubbish that goes next to the concepts of "spirituality" and "truth".

Today, people, more than ever, show a craving for them. And the "enemies" are not asleep - they create their own new "military units" created to destroy a sane person in society.

Friends, if among my subscribers there are sectologists with experience, caring citizens who want to protect the future of our country from such rubbish - write in a personal. Let's organize and work for the benefit of a clean information field.

To summarize, in my opinion, it is high time for a person to believe in himself, not to rely on anyone. It's time to grow up. It's time to eradicate this mental infantilism and learn to take responsibility for the world around it. It is up to you to decide how to live, excluding such excuses as “it means destined”, “it was written by nature,” etc.