It is FORBIDDEN for politicians of the WHOLE WORLD to talk about TERRORIST # 1. Who organized the biggest tragedy of the 20th century?
It is FORBIDDEN for politicians of the WHOLE WORLD to talk about TERRORIST # 1. Who organized the biggest tragedy of the 20th century?

In 2001, the entire world community was shocked.

The author of these lines was a career officer in the Soviet military unit 46179, which was also known as the "Special Control Service of the 12th Main Directorate of the USSR Ministry of Defense." The 12th Main Directorate, in turn, was the organization that was responsible in the USSR for safe storage, production control, routine maintenance, etc., of the entire nuclear arsenal of the country. While the Special Control Service was responsible for detecting nuclear explosions. It was also charged with the responsibility of monitoring compliance with international treaties related to nuclear tests.

This is especially important in light of the existence of the so-called "Peaceful Nuclear Explosion Treaty" of 1976 between the USSR and the United States of America [known in the USSR as the "Treaty between the USSR and the United States on Underground Nuclear Explosions for Peaceful Purposes 1976"]. In accordance with the provisions of this Treaty, the parties were obliged to inform each other about all nuclear explosions for non-military purposes.

During my service in the aforementioned organization in the late 1980s, I learned about the existence of the so-called "emergency nuclear demolition system". The actual "nuclear demolition system" was based on powerful thermonuclear charges (about 150 kilotons in TNT equivalent), which were located at a depth of 50 meters below the lowest point of the foundation of each of the Towers. In those days it seemed strange to me, to be honest, because it was hard to believe that the US authorities could be crazy enough to demolish buildings in the middle of a populated city with underground nuclear explosions. However, if I got it right, no one was really going to demolish the Center.

It was just a way to get around some bureaucratic obstacles. The terrifying nuclear demolition system was built into the Towers not to demolish them in reality, but simply to obtain permission to build them altogether. The problem was that the then New York building code (as well as the Chicago building code) did not allow the Department of Buildings to issue permits to build any kind of skyscraper until its designer provided the Department with a satisfactory way to demolish such a building. buildings, and both demolition in the future, and demolition in the event of an emergency.

Since in the late 60s this type of steel-framed buildings was a fundamentally new concept, no one knew how to demolish such buildings. Traditional (“normal”) demolition methods were only applicable to older buildings. Something fundamentally new was required for the incredibly strong steel base of the towers. Those. something new was needed to convince the Department of Buildings officials to issue a permit to build them.

And this "something new" was eventually found: nuclear demolition. A brief history of the concept of atomic and nuclear demolition. The initial idea of ​​using nuclear charges for the demolition of various structures was born almost simultaneously with the appearance of nuclear weapons proper in the early 50s. At first, nuclear weapons were called not "nuclear", but "atomic", and therefore the very concept of demolition of buildings using these munitions received the corresponding name - "atomic demolition". These words managed to survive for half a century and, despite the renaming of the former atomic weapon into "nuclear weapons", these words have survived in the language to this day.

They are still found in the names of special engineering devices - "SADM" and "MADM".[That there are portable nuclear charges, also known in the USSR as "nuclear cases", "nuclear mines" and "nuclear backpacks".] The first of the two stands for "Special Atomic Demolition Munitions" ("Special Atomic Ammunition for Demolition"), the second - as “Medium Atomic Demolition Munitions” (can be translated into Russian as “Medium Atomic Demolition Munitions”). Many people mistakenly believe that the first of them is the so-called. "SADM" supposedly means "Small Atomic Demolition Munitions", not "Special …" (ie "Small Atomic Demolition Munitions", not "Special …").

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