PENTHOUSES OF GENERALS IN RYASAKH - Power groups of the Russian Orthodox Church are not worse than the Kremlin
PENTHOUSES OF GENERALS IN RYASAKH - Power groups of the Russian Orthodox Church are not worse than the Kremlin

Among the Orthodox media, there are pronounced authoritarian and liberal ones. and Tsargrad express conservative ideology and expose the vices of the West. In their picture of the world, the ROC and the Kremlin are on the side of good, the West and liberals are on the side of evil.

The criterion of truth is traditional values, in fact, medieval norms of sexual behavior. A simple recipe for righteousness is offered: you need to respect the state, obey the patriarch, build a patriarchal family and hate homosexuals. The faithful children of the church cannot do without knowledge of geopolitics: behind every trend from the West are the interests of NATO.

The most influential figure in the authoritarian camp is Metropolitan Tikhon Shevkunov, founder of and Sretensky Seminary. Tikhon lobbies for state-conservative propaganda and is famous for the exhibitions "Russia: My History", where devotion to power is presented as a popular ideal. Sretensky Seminary gathered teachers of the protective warehouse, opponents of changes in the Church.

The differences between authoritarian and liberal Christianity are clear in relation to the state. It is important for fundamentalists that the government is formally Orthodox. If the president and the deputies stand at the service with a candle, pass laws pleasing to the Russian Orthodox Church, it means that they are fulfilling their Christian duty. In this case, there is no reason to criticize the government, because it is Orthodox power, set by God himself.

Political oppositionists are none other than the fighters against God, but in the conditions of a "difficult geopolitical situation" they are agents of external forces hostile to Russia and Orthodoxy. Human rights violations, corruption, electoral fraud are not reasons to oppose the regime.

After all, God alone knows what difficulties the authorities face in striving for the common good. The leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church is not trying to remain neutral; it is entirely on the side of the fundamentalists. The trend towards conservative Orthodoxy is set by Patriarch Kirill himself. In all his speeches, the rhetoric of a besieged fortress sounds: there are enemies all around, only the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian authorities are on the side of the true faith.

According to the patriarch, Russia's vocation is to be a stronghold of Orthodox Christianity, to keep the Orthodox faith "in an intact form." Therefore, the "powerful of this world" took up arms against the Russian Orthodox Church. They speak vaguely about enemies, as if everyone without words understands who they are talking about.

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