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On power and dirt: is there really something in common between these concepts?
On power and dirt: is there really something in common between these concepts?

Video: On power and dirt: is there really something in common between these concepts?

Video: On power and dirt: is there really something in common between these concepts?
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I hoped that I would not have to raise this topic again, but people have wrong associations, on the basis of which they try to evaluate the activities of those who seek to gain this or that power. When I once got tired of answering the same questions about why I need a lot of money, I simply replied: "money is needed as a tool for gaining power." The reader probably guessed what the reaction was:) “But we believed you that you were a good and decent person!"

Indeed, many people overly succumb to emotions, and many associate power with something dirty, usually with politics, and politics for them is a dirty business. There are also sayings such as: "took power - walk to your heart's content" and the like, which greatly distort the meaning of the word "power" and put people very harsh blockages, because of which they suffer, being at the mercy of the surrounding circumstances. Why?

Because they give up power, and voluntarily, because they believe that this is an unclean thing. I will clarify this misunderstanding, and at the same time I will show that in reality allpeople strive for power, this is an objective process, it does not depend on people's opinion on this matter.


Power should be understood as the ability to exercise some control of the process in practice, that is, the ability reallymanage something in accordance with your intention. If a person can control a certain process, then he has a certain power over him, if he cannot, then he does not have this power. It happens that a person can manage the process in some sense, but not completely.

The question of the measure of power and how from it [the measure] grows the full function of government, as well as sovereignty, we will leave outside the article, I do not want to repeat here the course of a fairly general theory of governance. It is important for the reader to understand only one thing here: power is the practical ability to govern … To exercise power, will is needed. Will should be understood as the ability to subjugate oneself and the course of events around oneself to conscious purposefulness.

Now a question for the reader: where is the dirt here, "walk your heart out" and all kinds of political abomination?

The answer is obvious: it is where the person with power allows it on purpose. And there is a person who deliberately does not allow this. When a reader goes to a store, is he exercising power? Yes, he solves the problem of eliminating some unwanted environmental factor, for example, it may be the lack of food on the table, the lack of some household items or other goods. A shortage of goods in the house creates discomfort for a person - and the person eliminates it. To do this, he takes the money and goes to the store. Therefore, the person used the money to gain power! What a bastard! Oh, how ashamed he is! And we trusted him so much:)


When you decide anytask, you exercise power, as you take control of some process. Even for the correct management of physiological processes within the framework of our culture, power is needed. And for the exercise of this power (sometimes) certain external instruments are needed. I hope it is now clear to the reader that anyone is always seeking to exercise power?

Please stop looking at this process as something vile and dirty. Even for inhalation, will and power are needed, and the lungs, blood and other body materials are needed as a tool for delivering the received oxygen to the cells of the body. Yes, I agree that the phrase "I need blood to gain power" sounds creepy, but try to say that you don't need blood … I think it will be even more creepy.


The attitude towards power in many people reminds me of the attitude towards the swastika. It seems to be an ancient symbol that has a noble origin and meaning, and the events known to everyone have blackened its meaning in the eyes of modern society so that now it is considered forbidden. For the same reason, most people have a blockage, that since power is something dirty, then it also needs to be banned for themselves, and they subconsciously give up power in those cases when they should not have done it.

There are many processes that amenable to human control, such processes are often written about in cognitive groups and communities associated with the ethical development of people ("Teach good", "Revival of morality", "Common cause", "For the revival of education", various groups on sobriety, according to the concept of "Zero Waste", and thousands of others, especially on spiritual topics such as "Lessons in Meditation"), they all urge people to take up the processes that resist the degradation of society, for example, to begin with, take up themselves and educate at least themselves and their children more or less correctly (sitting on the couch and just leafing through specified groups, right it will still not be possible to educate, but in rare cases it is still possible to "more or less correctly").

Nevertheless, people somehow avoid taking on these processes and for resisting evil.

Many people believe that nothing depends on them, for whatever reason they refuse to take on the elimination of some environmental factors undesirable for society. In reality, it is all the same blockages that are associated with the misinterpretation of power that work. And all the same blockages give rise to the following moods in a person:

- the tendency to believe that life has failed;

- a tendency to blame external circumstances for everything;

- despondency;

- the desire to blame some people in power for everything;

- the desire to wait for an opportune moment before acting.

A more complete description of these sentiments can be found in my old articles: one, two, three. Of course, you understand that if you just get down to business without a head off, you get a "club of losers", but this is another topic, about when people without power over themselves and the simplest events undertake to teach others.

As a result of the refusal to fight evil (at least in oneself), a person becomes a victim of circumstances that he could well control, as well as a victim of the parasitism of those in power who are not subject to these blockages. In other words, passive people deliberately and voluntarily allow the mess that is going on in politics, they support it!

A strange picture turns out if you go to the Internet on almost any forum where political events are discussed and if you believe what "good honest people" write, then it directly follows that "good honest people" from the people are a herd (don't you dare see here an attempt to insult! Otherwise, you will have to write a separate article on the word “herd”), voluntarily giving himself up to desecrate rather clever people in power. Why do I see it this way?

Because the “herd” voluntarily renounced power, having shown stupidity, and the people in power were able to retain their intellect and understand what I wrote above: power is not dirt, but ability to manage, expressed in practical actions … They were smart enough for this ability not refuse. And the whole discussion of "good and honest people" with every word shows that the owners of the herd are smart, and the herd is stupid. Because the former have power, and the latter do not, and it is not by their own free will that they do not, but they have a lot of energy in order to inform everyone about this. It is already another matter that the power of the first maybe be aimed at getting dirt, BUT


The mud does not appear by itself, it is a direct reflection of the psychodynamics of the herd mentioned above. It is not the authorities' fault that the herd can only eat and complain that there is not enough to eat; it is not the authorities' fault that the herd crap and litter, and then demands to be removed; The authorities are not to blame for the fact that the herd lives by its own laws, but demands from officials that other laws be strictly followed. People themselves deserve the control that is exercised over them, and they deserve for at least three main reasons:

- they voluntarily refuse to carry out his control, including over oneself;

- they voluntarily carry huge mountains of dirt, which no government at its current level can cope with;

- they try to take power from the “power” and give it to another “power”, which in their opinion will serve the herd better, but they choose exactly the same people from the herd, possessing the same vicious psyche, which is embodied in the saying “took power - walk to your heart's content. " This is the manifestation of the so-called "psychodynamics" of society.

On the issue of psychodynamics, please read the articles separately: one, two, three, four. In short, it is when "everyone does what he wants, and the result is what happens." Wherein each in his own way he is right, as it seems to him, but all together, obviously, are wrong.


And now about myself. For me money is a tool for gaining power … I do not want to voluntarily give up the ability given to me to manage some processes, and therefore, despite the inconvenient circumstances, I do my job well. Earlier, when I had not yet completed a certain school, I was afraid of money, but unconsciously.

I almost did not take them for my work, I did a lot for free, I also dreamed of creating free housing (as if I had not read about an experiment with such), I did a lot of things wrong in terms of giving up money, as a result of which I did not have a dime beyond that, what was needed in order not to starve to death, however, fortunately, the practice of spiritual development made it possible to remove blockages in the psyche, and this happened at the same time as I realized how you can restrain yourself (show enough will) to not go "peddling" from abundance of money.

And from that moment on, I switched to paid activities instead of volunteering. What for? Then to have a tool, which will allow me to carry out the desired control of those processes that I am able to manage correctly, as I personally understand it. My activity should allow me to receive a tool to support myself, and if people find my activity useful, they will support it, if tell them the rules of the game.

If there are no rules, then usually people refuse support for the same reasons that I mentioned above: they give up power. You need to show them how you can exercise even a little power by simply supporting someone who is doing their job well. To do this, you need to set a rule for remuneration for your labor, and look at the funds received exclusively as an instrument for gaining power in the sense I have indicated.

If a person sees dirt or abomination in this management process for the good of society, then he first of all betrays himself, that is, projects his vices onto me, which he would begin to indulge if he had a lot of money. You do not need to give yourself away, instead, think better: why did you give up power and what mental defects do not give you sovereignty over the circumstances around you?

As a conclusion

Here are some of my subjective assumptions.

1 Refusing power, a person generates even more filth than that which he imagines in politics and among officials.

2 By refusing to support those who not has given up power and uses it to sincerely help other people to become better, a person generates even more dirt than in the previous paragraph.

3 By actively adhering to the position that power and dirt are objectively linked, inciting other people to view power as dirt, a person generates even more dirt than in the first and second paragraphs together.