Digital experiments on the population are dangerous, and they accepted them with a bang
Digital experiments on the population are dangerous, and they accepted them with a bang

As Katyusha has already said, an anti-people anti-constitutional bill that allows digitalizers from government and business to ignore the existing laws (and, accordingly, the basic rights of citizens), was promptly adopted by the State Duma in the third reading on July 22 in the worst edition (with amendments from the transhumanist foresight from Sberbank, ASI and Skolkovo) (read more about it in our article).

That leaves the Federation Council and the president. The Legal Department and five Committees of the Federation Council also preliminarily approved this document, which destroys the country's single economic and legal space. Moreover, all their conclusions are written as a carbon copy - they simply retell the points of this bill in their own words and at the end they say that everything suits them, they recommend the law for adoption … That is, they have no comments from the word “absolutely”

The Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Construction of billionaire Andrei Klishas distinguished himself more than others. We saw such "amazing" maxims in the conclusion signed by this senator - a well-known lobbyist for anti-family and digital laws:


That is, Senator Klishas directly proposes in the future to revoke a citizen's consent to the collection and processing of his personal data, including biometric, the right to privacy of correspondence, to receive treatment and diagnosis from living doctors, not artificial intelligence, and much more! Exactly such exceptions from the current laws have already been prepared by digital cultists for their experiment on us! But wait … in this case, what about the Constitution and federal laws protecting us from all of the above? But in no way. They drowned, meaning they were canceled - as an experiment, of course.


That is, the Klishas Committee already officially recognizes that digital experiment poses an increased danger! "Increased" means at the level of threat to life, health and property of people! And what is proposed in this connection? Not to reject this document, but to provide for liability for experimenters after the fact, when the increased danger led to increased damage! After that, maybe someone will be punished, or maybe not - how lucky …

These are our legislators today, “guardians” about the needs and interests of the people, these are the laws we are adopting today. And further, if the digital cultists are not stopped, it will be even more "fun". Make the rest of the conclusions yourself.

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