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Choquequirao: the secrets of the lost city of the Incas
Choquequirao: the secrets of the lost city of the Incas

There are two lost cities of the Incas in Peru: Machu Picchu and Choquequirao. If the whole world knows about the first settlement of the ancient tribe, then the "Golden Cradle" is not so popular. Although it was this city that at one time was a shelter for those who organized resistance to the Spanish conquerors.

Choquequirao's strategic location allowed the Inca leader Manco Inca Yupanque and his followers to view the area in order to prevent the attacks of the conquistadors.

Interesting facts about the lost city of the Incas

Why is it worth at least once in your life to visit the city of Choquequirao

Nobody knows the exact date of the foundation of the city. One of the assumptions says that Chekequirao was built during the fall of the Inca Empire at the hands of Europeans. This version arose due to the inaccessibility of the settlement. It was built most likely for defensive purposes. Historians like to say that Cequequirao is a city that defends itself from invaders' attacks.

The first mention of the lost city of the Incas dates back to 1768. The first to visit and describe Choquequirao in his notes was the traveler Cosme Bueno. But the Golden Cradle was put on the map only in 1834, when much more information was collected about it. But even after that, this area was forgotten for a long time. Official excavations on the territory of the lost city began in the 20th century and continue to this day.

How to get to the Inca city of Choquequirao

Why is it worth at least once in your life to visit the city of Choquequirao

One of the peculiarities of the location of the city is that there is no transport to get to it. There are no tourist routes, unlike Machu Picchu. This settlement is located near Cusco. If you move along the mountain path, then in two days, with several halts and an overnight stay, you will be able to reach Choquequirao.

The city is located at an altitude of 3 tons. Above sea level. Therefore, those who suffer from the fear of heights are not recommended to go on such a journey. This route is not suitable for people without experience of overcoming long distances. Only strong, hardy travelers, who are not the first time trying to conquer the mountains and know how to behave in extreme conditions, can take a risk.

Those who are destined to overcome the difficult and winding hiking route will see incredibly beautiful landscapes. The higher the traveler climbs the mountain, the more spectacular views will appear to his gaze. Glaciers, canyons and exotic mountain vegetation. All this will meet on the way to the Golden Cradle. Ferns and orchids of incredible sizes in the most unexpected colors. Exciting landscapes are worth visiting at least once in your life in a city lost in the mountains of Peru.

The main attractions of Choquequirao

Why is it worth at least once in your life to visit the city of Choquequirao

The very ruins of the city of the ancient Incas, lost high in the mountains, are the main attraction. Mansions of noble residents and modest houses of artisans have survived to this day. Tourists can see the places where the indigenous inhabitants of the Golden Cradle performed special rituals with sacrifice. In Choquequirao, there are warehouses and dormitories where those who did not have their own homes lived. You will be able to visit the farm terraces and see the ornate patterns of the imperial city.

In recent years, the Peruvian authorities have been trying to attract as many scientists and archaeologists as possible so that they can thoroughly study the culture of the Incas. To date, excavations in Choquequirao have helped make the city more attractive to tourists. Although only about 40% of the buildings in this area were cleared of the historical layer.

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There are already special routes for daring travelers, the duration of which is about 60 km. Guides help people see real life in the Andes and showcase local beauties. There are not so many people who want to visit Choquequirao: about 5 thousand a year. Although the ruins of the lost city are worth visiting at least once in your life.

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